Welcome to Your Life
August 3, 2014

Our new album, Welcome to Your Life, is available now! Name your price to download it here, or get it wherever you get music. We're so excited for you to hear it! - Sharlynn & David

New album releases July 15th
July 6, 2014

Our new album, “Welcome To Your Life” will be available on July 15th! It’s about the things that change everything, and we’re so excited for you to hear it.

Quiet, but busy
June 30, 2013

We've been quiet recently, but we've been busy. Check out Soundcloud to hear some of what we've been up to.

you've been missed - A letter from far beyond frail
June 23, 2012

If you aren't on our email list and would like to read our latest newsletter, you can do so here. While you're there, please sign up! We'd love to keep you close.

The Freshmen
June 16, 2012

Here is another song we recorded on that old piano - "The Freshmen" by The Verve Pipe. Hear and download it for free on our Soundcloud page.

In The Sun
June 16, 2012

A few weeks ago Sharlynn sat down at an old piano and played a few of our favorite songs. You can download the first ("In The Sun" by Joseph Arthur) for free on our Soundcloud page.

december (no. 3) - A Letter From David
December 31, 2011

If you'd like to read David's most recent letter, check it out here.

Facebook Music Store
November 12, 2011

You're not on Facebook right now, but if you were, we'd tell you to check out our new Facebook Music Store! Name your price, get songs.

Where to find us
July 10, 2011

We're not touring this summer as we continue to focus on writing and recording, but that doesn't mean you can't get your FBF fix. We'll be staying active on Facebook (facebook.com/farbeyondfrail) and Twitter (twitter.com/farbeyondfail) and would love to hear from you!

Empty City Nights is available now!
May 10, 2011

Our first full-length album, Empty City Nights, is available now! Find it on iTunes, Amazon, or on our online store, where you can preview the entire album and name your price to download it. Here is a letter that David wrote about the new album and what inspired it: Empty City Nights - Letter From David.

New album will be released on May 10th!
March 22, 2011

Our new album, Empty City Nights, is finished and will be released on Tuesday, May 10th. Read more here!

YouTube Channel
February 2, 2011

Did you know that we have a YouTube Channel? We've been bad uploaders, but are newly committed to regularly posting videos of live performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and general mischief. You can see all the videos and subscribe here!

November Shows
November 2, 2010

We're playing shows this November - in Des Moines, Green Bay, Eau Claire, and Kansas City. Read more here!

Empty City Nights
October 20, 2010

We're excited to announce that our new album is going to be called Empty City Nights. It marks the beginning of a new phase in our lives as artists, and is tentatively scheduled to be released in March 2011. We really can't wait to share it with you.

September 9, 2010

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Dear Theo
July 3, 2010

David just started a personal blog called Dear Theo. If you'd like to read/subscribe, you can find it here!

Gladstone, MO Show Cancelled
April 17, 2010

Our May show in Gladstone, MO has been cancelled; we'll try to get another show in the Kansas City area scheduled soon!

"Wonder" by far beyond frail - Now Available Everywhere!
March 23, 2010

Our latest EP, a collection of three songs entitled "Wonder" is now available almost anywhere digital music is sold. If you haven't already named your price to download it at our music store, head over to iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, CD Baby or wherever you buy your music and pick it up!

"Wonder" Now Available!
February 16, 2010

Our fourth EP, "Wonder" is now available! Soon you'll be able to find it wherever digital music is sold (iTunes, Amazon, etc.), but currently it's only available at our new music store, where you can listen, read lyrics, and NAME YOUR PRICE to download it.

New EP, New Online Store, New Tour
February 13, 2010

Read the announcement here!

Sneak Peek of "Be Scared With Me"
December 18, 2009

Are you interested in a sneak peek from our upcoming EP? We hope so. Check out episode 181 of the Shifted Sound Podcast (www.shiftedsound.com) to hear "Be Scared With Me"!

Free Download of "Hallelujah"
November 11, 2009

For a limited time, we’ll email everyone that joins our mailing list a link to a free download of Sharlynn’s version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Our mailing list is the best way for us to keep you up to date, and we’re pretty good about not abusing our power. Click the “Join the Mailing List” link at the bottom of the site!

October Tour Dates
September 20, 2009

Even though we're deep into the process of making a new album, we're going to take a break in October to hit the road and reconnect with a few of our favorite Midwestern cities. Visit the Tour Dates page for more details, because we'd love to see you and share some of what we've been working on.

Facebook (Finally)
August 6, 2009

We're slow, but we get there eventually. For all of you that fancy Facebook, which I think is everyone by now, we'd be thrilled if you'd visit our new page and become a fan. We'll be on there often, so hopefully we can talk soon.

Live Blog Theme Song!
July 17, 2009

First Twilight-themed haikus, now this!? We've contributed a theme song to our friend Jason Sobel's Live Blog. Jason is an Emmy award-winning ESPN golf columnist/blogger. Check out his British Open blog here and our theme song here. Special thanks to Johnny Lightning Strikes Again for presenting it to the World Wide Web.

Mailing List Fail
July 9, 2009

If you've recently tried to join our mailing list via the link below, you've no doubt noticed that you can't. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are in the process of moving our list to a new system that will make life significantly better. We still want you on our mailing list, however, so if you'd like to sign up, just send us an email from the contact page and we'll take care of it.

Texas Songwriter's Cruise
July 6, 2009

As much fun as a cruise with a bunch of songwriters sounds, we didn't go. Our song "After So Many Lovers" went in our place, however, and was chosen as a finalist in the Pop category of their songwriting contest. Way to represent, ASML!

April 5, 2009

We made it as far as Des Moines, IA before being notified that Interstate 35 has been shut down entirely due this silly blizzard. So unfortunately, there's no way for us to make our 7:00p show at Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis. Sorry - we were excited to see all of you beautiful Minnesotans!

Twitting? Sure. We're in.
April 4, 2009

Our low self-esteem forces us to jump on every bandwagon that might help us fit in, so it's time to twit (did we use that right?). If this is something that you're into, please follow us (did we use that right?) and help us figure out what we're supposed to do. Thanks. You can find us at www.twitter.com/farbeyondfrail.

For Bella (Twilight Haikus)
March 27, 2009

Hi everyone – David here. Two of my friends are internet famous, and they’ve gotten that way by blogging about the movie “Twilight.” Since I have no shame, I’ve contributed a very serious collection of writings entitled “For Bella (Twilight Haikus)” and they intend to feature one per week on their blog, Letters to Twilight. You really should go check it out. I won’t tell anyone.

First Tour of 2009
March 16, 2009

We've been holed up writing songs long enough, and now we'd like to head out and play a few of them. We're going to be making our way through the Upper Midwest - one of our favorite parts of the country. If it sounds like we're heading your way, check the Tour Dates page for more details, and we'll hope to see you soon!

stopping the rumor...before it starts
February 12, 2009

Hey everyone – David here. It just struck me that our lack of news may be giving people the false impression that we’ve decided to take time off to devote toward the sex and drugs part of the rock ‘n roll equation. Well, it’s time to take matters into my own hands and put that rumor to rest. We are. I mean, we’re not. Just enjoying Kansas City for a spell and getting as many new songs on paper as possible. We’ll be on the road again in April and can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

fbf as stocking stuffers
November 29, 2008

far beyond frail is enjoying time off the road and working on new material. Therefore, in the absence of any breaking news to report, we want to remind you all to visit far beyond frail's Online Store and pick a little something up for all the people on your list that like to listen to alternative-pop music.

the midwest
September 25, 2008

For those of you who call the Midwest home, there is a good chance that far beyond frail will be in a town near you in the coming weeks. Visit the Tour Dates page for details!

Mid-American Music Festival
August 25, 2008

far beyond frail will be performing in Omaha, NE on Wednesday, September 3 as a part of the Mid-American Music Festival. Please visit the Tour Dates page for details, and if you're able, consider joining them for what promises to be four days of great music!

Go West
August 2, 2008

far beyond frail has officially left the comforts of home to wander around the Western US and play songs for whoever would like to listen...we hope that includes you. For more information on where they'll be, visit the Tour Dates page.

A Little Hope
July 22, 2008

far beyond frail's song, "Portland", is being featured on the recently released 'Hope, Volume One' - a compilation CD with proceeds benefiting Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE). In addition to far beyond frail, the album features tracks by Lisa Loeb, Charlotte Martin, Kevin Max, Joanne & Johnny Cash, and many others. Choose your preferred music retailer and order your copy here! Also, click here to check out the exclusive online auctions with items from Trisha Yearwood, Tegan and Sara, Matt White, and others.

April 2, 2008

far beyond frail's last two releases, "Butterfly Sketches" and "A girl, almost..." are now available for download on eMusic. For those of you with accounts, hurry up and grab them. For those of you who are unfamilar with eMusic, visit www.emusic.com and explore what is fast becoming the best place to discover great, independent music.

songs to play...
March 12, 2008

far beyond frail has songs to play and will soon be back on the road to play them. They will be traveling through one of their favorite corners of the country, the Northern Midwest, with shows throughout Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and more.

Still Flying
March 6, 2008

How it Felt to Fly was featured today on the site, "Single of the Day." Click here to listen to the song and thank them for sharing a little fbf with their audience.

far beyond frail Showcasing at NACA!
March 3, 2008

far beyond frail has been chosen to showcase at the NACA Northern Plains Conference on April 3rd in St. Paul, MN. They will be performing for college students all over the Upper Midwest that are in charge of bringing entertainment to their schools. If you are one of these college students, be sure to stop by their booth and say hello!

The Drugs Don't Work
February 14, 2008

A live recording of far beyond frail performing "The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve will be featured on the Coverville Podcast on Tuesday, February 19th. Coverville was recently awarded a People's Choice Award for Best Music Podcast, and can be found at www.coverville.com.

In-Studio Appearance on Shifted Sound!
February 10, 2008

Shifted Sound, which named far beyond frail to their "Best of 2007" list, recently invited them to their Dallas studio for an interview and live performance. Listen to or download the podcast (Episode 96) at www.shiftedsound.com!

Abrazos Compilation Album
February 6, 2008

Abrazos 2007, the third not-for-profit compilation CD benefiting The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, is now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and most digital retailers. Physical CDs are available at www.cancerbenefit.org. This year's compilation features far beyond frail's "Indigo", Veruca Salt, Kat Parsons, and many other phenomenal artists.

John Lennon Songwriting Contest
January 9, 2008

"After So Many Lovers" was recently chosen as one of five Honorable Mentions in the Pop Category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. If you haven't heard it, don't forget that you can download individual songs for only $0.99 at far beyond frail's online store!

Portland named Best of 2007
December 22, 2007

Portland, the lead single off Butterfly Sketches, will be featured in Shifted Sounds “Best of 2007” podcast on Sunday, December 30 – available at www.shiftedsound.com. If that’s not enough to satisfy your listening needs, far beyond frail can also now be heard at KGRL – the band’s absolute favorite internet radio station. Visit www.kgrl.fm to listen!

far beyond frail's January Road
December 20, 2007

far beyond frail will be exploring more corners of the country this winter - and stopping to play songs in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and more. If you don't live along their January Road, but have a friend that does - send them to say hello for you. In return, fbf will send them home with a free album. Visit the Tour Dates page for details.

More Podcasts to Check Out
December 5, 2007

"How it Felt to Fly" is causing a quite a stir on the indie pop podcast scene and will soon be featured on an episode of Indiescrete. Visit www.indiescrete.com to listen!

October Tour Dates Announced
September 5, 2007

far beyond frail is hard at work polishing the songs they are taking with them on their upcoming tour, and now you can see it they'll be through the town you call home. Fall dates include stops in Chicago, Nashville, New York City, Boston, and a very special return home...to Martha's Vineyard. It won't be the same without you.

far beyond frail Featured on Shifted Sound Podcast
August 4, 2007

"How it Felt to Fly" and "Portland" (from far beyond frail's latest release, "Butterfly Sketches") are being featured on Episode 70 of the Shifted Sound Podcast. You can check it out here.

everything you need to know today
July 5, 2007

...well, maybe not EVERYTHING you need to know, but a few very important items: 1) "Butterfly Sketches" is now available at iTunes. 2) far beyond frail's west coast tour was wonderful - thank you to everyone that came out to hear a few songs. 3) Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates. An east coast tour will be announced soon, including a special performance at the little island where fbf's music was born - Martha's Vineyard.

Butterfly Sketches Released!
June 5, 2007

"Butterfly Sketches", the latest EP by far beyond frail, has officially released and is now available for purchase or download at www.farbeyondfrail.com - and will be available at other retailers in the coming weeks (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). If you have pre-ordered the album, they will be sent out this week.

the sun is already heading west...
May 15, 2007

We're more than excited to announce that far beyond frail will be embarking on their first tour of the beautiful West Coast in June. The tour dates have just been posted, so please check out the details and tell your friends!

Release Date Set for Butterfly Sketches
May 8, 2007

far beyond frail's third offering, a six song EP entitled, "Butterfly Sketches" will be officially released on June 5, 2007. Mark your calendars!

a sneak peek
April 3, 2007

We think you've waited long enough, and for those of you that haven't gone to a show to pre-order far beyond frail's upcoming album, "Butterfly Sketches," we've posted a few of the tracks at farbeyondfrail.com. Recorded in Cincinnati, and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Ric Hordinksi (Over the Rhine, David Wilcox), "Butterfly Sketches" is far beyond frail's look at love, at its most heartbreaking and uplifting. Let us know what you think...

another trip across the midwest
March 6, 2007

far beyond frail will be traveling across the beautiful midwest again in March. Please check the Tour Dates page for details on when you can hear them. Remember, if you pre-order "Butterfly Sketches" at a show, you'll get a promotional copy that night and be one of the first to hear their most stunning work to date.

Your first chance to hear Butterfly Sketches...
February 2, 2007

When far beyond frail hits the road in a few weeks, they will be bringing along your first chance to hear their next release, the highly anticipated "Butterfly Sketches." If you pre-order the album at a show, not only will you be the first to receive the album when it's officially released, but you will get a promotional copy to take home with you that night.

February Tour Dates Announced
January 9, 2007

After spending much of the winter inside and out of the cold, far beyond frail is ready to pack up their songs and venture back out on the road. Please visit the Tour Dates page to see when they'll be through the town you call home - and check back often as new dates are continually being added.

Give music to dreamers!
December 6, 2006

We'd like to save everyone some time this holiday season by offering to let far beyond frai'ls online store be your one-stop shop for everyone on your list. Thoughtful, aren't we?

Come in from the cold.
November 13, 2006

far beyond frail will be packing up their songs and heading out on the road this week – for the last time in 2006. We hope you’ll brave the beautiful winter weather to go find them...

somewhere in middle america
October 22, 2006

Monica Eby has invited far beyond frail to share the stage with her at Mick's Music Bar in Omaha, Nebraska on November 4. For those of you that call Omaha home - it won't be the same without you.

"A girl, almost..." Available at iTunes
October 4, 2006

far beyond frail's "A girl, almost..." is now available to download at iTunes! If you still don't have it, go get it. If you have a friend that doesn't have it, gift it to them. Keep in mind, however, that the cheapest place to download it is still at far beyond frail's Online Store (only $4.99).

New website has launched!
October 2, 2006

far beyond frail’s world of dreamers has found a new online home! Please take a minute to explore your new source for all things far beyond frail – tour dates, photos, downloads and an area called The Vineyard, where you can take a closer look at the thoughts, the poetry, and the prose that help make up far beyond frail - and share some words of your own.

Summer Night
by Luke

by Jen

It's all about options.
by David Cecil

Our Tragedy
by David Cecil

Today We Fall
by Jeremy Armstrong