Today We Fall
By Jeremy Armstrong

The drowning of a memory;
The fading of the past.
Beyond tomorrow is something new;
Something better than the last.

So tonight we paint our canvas,
and we chase away our fears.
Tonight we write our song,
and we dry away our tears.

I'll taste the sweetness in your lips,
and hold your body tight.
I'll feel the beating of your heart,
as you lie with me tonight.

We can share our everything;
Secrets, dreams, and lies.
Even when there are no words,
we can share them with our eyes.

And when the sun comes back around,
we'll stay here for awhile.
You can rest your head upon my chest,
as you close your eyes and smile.

For with the breaking of another dawn,
the birds will sing above.
Feel the bloom within your heart;
Today we fall in love.