It's all about options.
By David Cecil

A belief or a disbelief in God doesn’t seem to change a person’s aura (defined as ‘a particular quality surrounding a person or thing’), and I want it to. You know, I may even need it to. It probably stems from the hope that we all have that there is something, somewhere that could dramatically change us. It lets you not face the fact that you are tired of being ‘you’ when there is a chance that you won’t have to for very long.

Do you want to know what the problem is? No matter what, in all cases, the person you are is a letdown from the person you want to be. Or at least the person that you suddenly realize you are no longer becoming. ‘I want to be taller.’ ‘I want girls to talk to me at parties.’ ‘I want to smile more often.’ We need to believe that a major overhaul of our personality is possible, whether or not we intend to do so. It’s all about options.