Summer Night
By Luke

The warm night air cuts through me as I wander these streets illuminated by the occasional light shining through a window; reminding me that Iím not the only one left in an uncomfortable situation. Iím walking to have my heart broken again.
This time is different Iím not going to break my own heart she is, Iíve already broken my heart through my insecurities over the past few weeks doubting she would want me for much longer tonight that gets proven right. I sabotage things and ruin my own happiness I understand that.
I start to walk through the park and look up at the sky just to remember there is still beauty in the world even if my own personal world is in one of its darker places right now. The parks bandstand is deserted at this time, so I pause and stand there for a while just taking it all in the night air the light from the stars the skyís midnight backdrop.
I have to keep walking eventually; I canít keep her waiting all night. I resume my walk and soon have left the park more apartments with their lights on, on this side of the park.
Iím there at the restaurant itís over within five minutes of my arrival she had finished work a few minutes earlier, we were just sitting next to each other when she was done talking. I felt like I was on a conveyor belt even sitting next to her with our shoulders touching I felt further from her than ever.